Clean Agents Fire Extinguishing System
Product ID: 80
  • The Kalpex system helps you to reduce the footprint, installation and service cost by offering you a choice from 30L to 180L cylinders in 25 bar or 50 bar configurations. 
  • Less cylinders are needed for your installation due to the high filling ratio that can be up to 1,2kg/L 
  • The 50 bar pressure option allows the cylinders to be placed further away from the protection zone. 
  • Extremely fast discharge of agent within 10 seconds. The fire is out before it has a chance to spread. Damages and downtime are at an absolute minimum. 
  • The kalpex system is designed and manufactured by Kalpataru Industaries. A world leader in reliable control systems for pressurized gas applications. 


  • Choice from 30L to 180L cylinders 
  • 25 or 50 bar working pressure 
  • Filling ratio up to 1,2 kg/I 
  • Space- efficient as less space needed for cylinder storage 
  • Reduced cost for piping and maintenance 
  • Fast discharge and effective suppression 
  • No residue- nothing to dean 
  • Safe for humans within the NOAEL limitation 
  • Non-conductive electrically 
  • Proven high quality valve technology