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Sanitisation Mist


Sanitisation Mist

Water mist technology based sanitization solution

KaIpEX presents water mist technology based sanitization solution to make sanitisation effective and safe.

How it works

 The product involves use of innovative chemical for decontamination of places, which when dispersed as a mist break down water many times over Into extremely small droplets called Watermist.

Safe • no risks of electricity shocks

The Sanitisation mist doesn't conducts electricity, so there are no risks of electricity shocks unlike other products available in market for sanitisation.

Advantages of using Watermist technology for sanitisation:

• Sanitisation process super effective as the process gives water an extensive coverage. i.e. it increases the area that a drop of water would cover. Utilises considerably less amount of water, making it an efficient technology

• Safe to use as sanitisation mist doesn't conducts electricity.

• The Mist spray dries up within seconds. unlike other solutions in the market.

Technical Specification

Gross Weight (Filled) 13 Kg

Discharge Time 240 Seconds

Lancing Distance 3.5 metar

Operating Pressure 15 Bar

Capacity PL. Area Covered 300 M2

Pressure Agent:  Nitrogen

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